A Story about website-traffic

Growing up I loved to hear a story from an adult. Everytime they told me stories I would get so into them that I could see the images of them happening in my mind. My uncle John used to tell me great ones. You may be wondering what this has to do with a review concerning 126hits.com, but stay with me and it will all make sense.
My uncle John, was known to be the money maker in the family as a young boy. Not necessarily because he worked hard or had a set career path, but rather because he was always coming up with a new scheme to make some cash in the neighborhood. He had done everything you could think of, from the traditional lemonade stand that made 20c a pop and left the grannies nagging that it was too cold, to the more extreme, like offering hitchhikers a ride on his push-bike. He had done it all, and growing up didnt change him one bit. Till this day he finds himself busy coming up with the newest scheme. The latest one was hand-stiching ladies handbags and try to sell them to young girls at the local churches. That didnt go too well since number one, they looked horrible, and number two, he came off as a seedy old man. Nothing could be more hilarious than seeing him with his new way of making money without the proper planning, marketing and of course advertising.
In the business world there are many obstacle or should we say ‘hurdles’ one has to overcome. First comes the Idea, then the planning, the marketing, then release and the Advertising. Having that in mind, I cannot escape a phrase that is more than  regularly used, and that is “you have to spend money to make money”.
It seems  ridiculous that we can get caught in such catch 22 situations. It sometimes make me even laugh. It doesnt make sense most of the time. That concept, you have to spend money to make money. However, you cannot escape it as a reality.
Business people will tell you over and over again, “its all about the cashflow”, but to get cash flow you need cashflow right?.. thats the confusing part, or should i more correctly say, the confusing part for many fresh entrepreneurs.  Not many people are willing to ‘invest’ in the gamble we call business. Take my uncle John as the perfect example. He would literally attack anyone who crossed him in order to make a quick buck. However these days we cant afford to make a quick buck anymore. We need return clients, and to get those clients in the first place, we need their attention.
With technology now so prominent in our society and the new generations, we would be dull to ignore its impact on business, even small business. The internet being the place to place yourself.
Lets take my uncle John For example. If we chose a good business idea for him, marketed it right and made him a website, he would have way more chances of making that a viable idea than what he is currently doing. However, this takes me to the main point of the article. Websites need advertising too!
Yes, websites need to be advertised. Just like a product. or could we call it a product promoting a product. My uncle John could have the best website in the country, but if its not promoted correctly, it would be time and money down the drain.
So getting traffic to the site is what will make his business flourish.
So here we are once again with the same dilema as before… You have to spend money to make money. And so we find ourselves on step one again.
There are countless companies out there offering internet traffic to your site alongside a big bill on your credit card account. So we went on the hunt for an alternative that could save us those huge unnecessary costs. Thats right. We found 126hits.com!
This company is by far the most innovative that we have come across in regards to internet traffic..and guess what? Its Free! This totally rules out the catch 22 “you have to spend money to make money”. This company offers free traffic to your site if you just browse the internet through their advanced portal. Thats right, all you have to do is browse the internet and they will place up to 10 websites on their system and start to send you traffic that you never had before, all for free!
I could not believe how simple it was to join and begin to receive traffic. 126hits.com is truly an amazing idea that surpasses any company that charges you for their service.
So I guess I better get on the phone and tell uncle John the great news I have for him, and he can save that money he was going to waste and buy some real products this time.